USB-C gaming headset with Super X-Fi and CommanderMic technology

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REF. 51EF0880AA000
Creative SXFI Gamer RGB USB-C Gaming Headset
SXFI Gamer RGB 74,90€
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SXFI Gamer

Dare to go beyond the limits!

SXFI GAMERs are designed with one goal in mind: to be the perfect companion for games, even for gamers who go all out and want more. Equipped with Super X-Fi Technology and a professional CommanderMic microphone, the SXFI GAMER represent a radical change in the gaming universe.

Lose yourself in the fantastic reality of the gaming world with its built-in Super X-Fi technology, providing personalized holographic audio for your own ears. Experience an incredible level of realism in headphones that deliver sound that is as good as real life.

  • Amazing technology of recognized prestige. With a total of 23 “Best of CES” awards in 2 years (2019 and 2020), Super X-Fi is our renowned technology designed to transform your listening experience. It is a technology that offers high definition holographic audio that is equivalent to having a set of several high-end speakers in your headphones.
  • Customize your Super X-FI audio. Each and every one of us hear the world in a different way, the unique shape of our head and ears affects the way we perceive sound. Super X-Fi uses computational audio to personalize the experience in your headphones, based on the personal way you hear sound to provide you with a better and more realistic listening experience.
  • Conmandermic with Imperson Microphone Technology. The SXFI GAMER CommanderMic provides, through its unique acoustic design and interference filter, spectacular clarity comparable to many professional microphones. Our newest SXFI inPerson® microphone technology further enhances your ability to distinguish between human voice and ambient noise, focusing on suppressing noise while enhancing conversations.
  • Premium leatherette earmuffs. The premium soft leatherette and memory foam padded ear cushions of the SXFI GAMER are designed to conform to the shape of your head and stay comfortably on your ears for many hours.
  • The SXFI GAMER allows you to change the color of the LED lights on the ear muffs and put them in practically any color you want. Simply connect your SXFI GAMERs to SXFI Control software to customize the helmets with any of the 16.7 million colors available to you.

  • Interface : USB, 3.5mm stereo input
  • kind of product : Wired helmets
  • Colour : Black
  • Frequency response : 20–20,000 Hz
  • Conductor size : 50mm neodymium magnet
  • Connector type : USB, 3.5 mm Stereo Input
  • Frequency response : 100–16,000 Hz
  • Sensitivity : - 42 dBV / Pa
  • RGB lights : On / Off
  • RGB Ear-Cup Rings : Selection of 16 million colors
Supported operating systems
  • Windows® 8.1, Windows® 10, Windows® 7, Mac OS X v10.9 and above
Supported gaming platforms
  • Play Station® 4 via USB port, firmware Ver 5.0 or later, Nintendo Switch via 3.5mm headphone port on console or USB port, switch OS 5.0 or later. Voice communications supported when connected via 3.5 mm port and with Bluetooth® to Android and iOS Nin
  • With microphone : 349 g (12.31 oz)
  • without microphone : 336 g (11.85 oz)
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