ROG Metal Stand

Headphone support

Headset Support Asus

REF. 90YH03C0-B2UA00
Asus ROG Metal Stand earphone holder
ROG Metal Stand 14,95€

ROG Metal Stand

Its streamlined design provides a stable grip to keep your headphones securely in the right place, while a base with a large surface area, a non-slip bottom and a rubber padding prevent it from tipping over.

With sharp angles and clean lines, the ROG Metal Headset Stand makes a distinct statement in any gaming setup. A maximum stand height of 27cm ensures that it can accommodate almost any headset.

  • Product Type : Headphone Holder
  • Color : black
Weight and measurements
  • Height : 275 mm
  • Width : 85mm
  • Weight : 250g
  • Depth : 110mm
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