Hummer H-903

AMD & Intel

Refrigeration Nox

Hummer H-903 Cooler CPU Nox LED Intel & AMD
Hummer H-903 19,90€
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Refrigeration - AMD & Intel - Nox - Hummer H-903

Hummer H-903

Nox Hummer H-903 is a sober CPU cooler with an elegant and minimalist aesthetic, built with premium materials. With a black design, this 92 mm fan incorporates a high heat dissipation capacity, always maintaining the ideal PC temperature.

It includes three aluminum heatpipes, with high performance and good thermal conductivity, as well as a copper and aluminum base, which promotes optimal heat management while maintaining a low noise level.


This advanced Nox heatsink integrates PWM technology that offers automated control of fan speed, which translates into energy savings. In addition, thanks to its hydraulic bearing it guarantees a long useful life.

The thermal efficiency of Nox Hummer H-903, together with its low noise level, make this heatsink the perfect option for the most demanding configurations, since it will not only keep your PC at a low temperature, even in the heat of the most demanding battles. intense day to day.

Refrigeration - AMD & Intel - Nox - Hummer H-903


Hummer H-903 has a small size (100 x 65 x 123 mm) that makes it perfect for any configuration, making it easier for you to build your build by not interfering with the mounting of the RAM Memory.


This elegant Nox CPU cooling system is compatible with most current sockets on the market from both AMD and Intel and is very easy to install, making it very easy and simple.

  • AMD & Intel compatible
  • PWM smart control
  • 120 mm fan
  • Intel LGA 1851 / 1700 / 1200 / 1151 / 1150 / 1155 / 1156
  • AMD AM4 / AM5
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