S700 500Gb 2.5 ''

SATA 3 / 560MB / s


HP S700 500Gb 2.5 '' Internal Hard Drive
S700 500Gb 2.5 '' 68,90€
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S700 500Gb 2,5''

The HP SSD S700 series will help you protect and transfer your data files. The power consumption is less than 5mW in the device's sleep mode, which significantly saves the power consumption of the system in the standby state and achieves both speed and endurance.

The HP S700 series can help your computer battery last longer. No moving part inside the SSD can keep your computer running at a lower temperature and achieve near silent operation.

  • Protect your data files with the HP SSD S700 series: Using 3D NAND Flash and the three-dimensional stacking method, the HP S700 series can provide higher density and storage capacity and is more reliable and durable compared to 2D NAND flash traditional.
  • Better performance, more durable: HP S700 series advanced general wear balancing algorithm increases TBW (Total Bytes Written) and improves SSD durability, meeting user requirements for design, video editing, programming games, office and various storage applications.
  • Higher order LDPC error correction, more secure and reliable storage: The HP S700 series supports the LDPC (Low Density Parity Check Code) error correction mechanism. You can realize high-speed parallel decoding, real-time error correction, ensuring the security and integrity of data transmission; prevents performance degradation resulting from long-term use; Provides long-lasting, high-speed read and write performance.
Weight and measurements
  • Width : 69.8 mm
  • Depth : 100.2mm
  • Height : 7mm
  • Weight : 250g
Other features
  • Color of product : Black
  • SSD form factor : 2.5 "
  • SDD, capacity : 500 GB
  • Interface : Serial ATA III
  • NVMe : No
  • Component for : PC / laptop
  • Read speed : 560MB / s
  • Write speed : 515MB / s
  • Data transfer rate : 6 Gbit / s
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