Jungle Speed Beach


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Card games Asmode: Jungle Speed Beach  - PEGI 7
Jungle Speed Beach 16,11€
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Jungle Speed Beach

The goal of the game is to get rid of all your cards as quickly as possible. To do this, players reveal a card from their supply and place it in front of them, in turn (clockwise), and then cover it up on the next turn with another card, thus forming their discard pile.

When 2 players have revealed a card with identical symbols (the color does not matter), a duel will take place. The first of the two to catch the Totem will win the duel. The loser takes their opponent's discard deck, their discards, and the pot (if any) and places them facedown in their supply.

The first player to get it will be the winner.


80 cards, 1 Totem, 1 carrying bag and instructions.

  • Release date : 10/06/2022
  • Editorial : Zygomatic
  • Category : Juego de Cartas
  • Collection : Jungle Speed
  • Idiom : Spanish
  • Recommended minimum age : 7
  • Number of players : 2 a 10
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