Nioh Collection Game PlayStation 5

PlayStation 5

Playstation Sony

Nioh Collection Game PlayStation 5
Nioh Collection Game PlayStation 5 67,93€

The Nioh Colletion

Defy Death and Unleash your Darkness.

In this expansive collection, journey through Sengoku-era Japan to face nightmarish foes and legendary warriors in blisteringly fast hardcore combat. Master the way of the samurai in Nioh, then unleash your inner darkness in Nioh 2 — each expertly remastered and enhanced for PS5™.

•Discover the complete Nioh saga with all six major expansions included.

• Battle the Yokai threat at a targeted 120fps* with ultra-fast load times. *gameplay at 120fps requires a compatible monitor that can support this feature

  • Platform : PS5
  • Release : 2/5/2021
  • Publisher : Sony Interactive Entertainment
  • Genre : Action, Role Playing Games, Uniquei
  • Screen Languages : English, French (France), Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish (Mexico)
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