Dezimator X Switch EG Orange


Keyboard Epic Gear

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Keyboards - Mechanical - Epic Gear - Dezimator X Switch EG Orange
Dezimator X Switch EG Orange 87,45€
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Keyboards - Mechanical - Epic Gear - Dezimator X Switch EG Orange

Fully Programmable LED Backlit with Per-key Lighting

DeziMator X features full LED backlit keys with per-key lighting programmability.
There are 6 different default backlit modes and 3 customizable per-key lighting modes, which can be easily selected or programmed right from the keyboard.

EG Switch – Gaming Optimized Mechanical Switches

Designed specifically for gaming, the EpicGear mechanical switches are made to provide superior performance, reliability and durability. The actuation point has been shortened by 25% to 1.5mm for fast and precise response, while the actuation force is tweaked at 50g for just the right clicking feel and feedback. The contact plates are made with high-strength alloy with maximized gold plating of the contact area. The contact area is further enhanced by uniquely designed double-blade contacts forming a dual-cross contacting area (patented), achieving superior contact quality and life span of 70 million key strokes.

Keyboards - Mechanical - Epic Gear - Dezimator X Switch EG Orange

Form Follows Function

The DeziMator X is designed with form-follow-function in mind featuring an arch-shape base that tilts the keyboard at a 9 degree angle and 13 degrees when the legs are propped.
The extended wrist-rest is ergonomically designed to provide maximum comfort and prevent upward-bending of the wrists.
70% of DeziMator X is made of aluminum alloy, together with extended wrist rest, to provide maximum durability and comfort.

  • Full EpicGear mechanical switches:EG Orange
  • Gaming grade braided cables
  • Audio-out/Mic-in jacks
  • Dedicated GUI software
  • 4 customizable gaming profiles
  • Full EpicGear mechanical switches EG Orange
  • Spanish
  • Multimedia : 109
  • Macro : 5
  • Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows XP
  • USB
  • 524.5 x 240x 57mm
  • 1.9 Kg
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