KNOUT RGB Gaming mousepad KROM
KNOUT RGB 21,90€
Krom, ¡anillo soporte móvil de regalo!
Krom, ¡alfombrilla de regalo!
Mousepads - Krom - KNOUT RGB


Your set-up's great ally has been conceived by Krom with a double objective: to provide your movements with precision, safety and speed and at the same time offer you an incredible in-game atmosphere thanks to its lighting effects and vivid colors.

  • Rubber base
  • 3 mm thickness
  • Thermally treated surface
  • RGB lighting effects
Mousepads - Krom - KNOUT RGB

Optimized for all sensors

The surface of the Knout RGB mouse pad (320 x 270mm) offers you the scope for a fast and wide glide both in optical and laser mice, thanks to its thermally treated surface that lends it both softness and an outstanding feel.

Its thickness of just 3mm provides the necessary cushioning without creating a gap between the keyboard and the mouse, making it your ideal accomplice. All this is possible thanks to its ultra adherent base, which attaches itself perfectly to your table, remaining motionless even during the most sudden of movements.

Mousepads - Krom - KNOUT RGB

Illuminate your victories

Take your gaming experience to another level thanks to the 16.8 million colors projected from the edges of the Knout RGB, and enjoy an authentic visual spectacle of effects and colors while you are immersed in the adrenaline of the game.

Choose between 6 fixed colors and 3 modes (Breathing, Sparking and Spectrum) with just one click.

Mousepads - Krom - KNOUT RGB

Resistant and durable

The Knout RGB has a removable USB cable of 2 meters in length that guarantees excellent durability and resistance to friction.

In addition, so that you can enjoy your Ground Level Pro Spectra for a long time, the edges are reinforced thus preventing any deterioration due to use.

  • Double stitching for an extra of durability
  • Microfiber surface with minimal friction suitable for laser and optical mice
  • Smooth and soft surface
  • RGB lighting with 6 fixed colors and 3 light effects
  • Fabric
  • Black and orange
  • 320 x 270 x 3 mm
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