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REF. 9S6-6A0431-001
Liquid cooling MSI MEG CORELIQUID S280
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The MEG CORELIQUID S Series is here to provide the ultimate silence cooling. It is equipped with MSI's innovative MEG SILENT GALE P14 silent gaming fan and supports 0 rpm fan mode. The 2.4” IPS display can also help you see a conglomerate of hardware information or customizable graphics and videos. The MEG CORELIQUID S Series descends from the top, and you just can’t hear it coming.

  • SILENT COOLING MSI’s MEG SILENT GALE P14 provides sufficient airflow to the radiator for cooling while maintaining low noise levels. MEG SILENT GALE P14 The MEG SILENT GALE P14 is MSI’s innovative silent fan designed to generate the most silent airflow.
  • CONCENTRATED COOLING PERFORMANCE A 60mm fan is placed within the water block to help dissipate heat for the M.2 SSD, CPU VRMs, and surrounding components.
  • FAN 0 RPM The MEG SILENT GALE P14 and the water block fan support 0% RPM to ensure zero noise under low temperatures.
  • 2.4” CUSTOMIZABLE IPS DISPLAY The MEG CORELIQUID S Series comes with a 2.4” IPS display capable of displaying hardware information, GIF, MP4, photos, texts, and live weather information.
  • TOTAL CONTROL IN YOUR HANDS Everything ranging from MEG CORELIQUID S Series’ fan speed to the IPS display can be adjusted through the MSI Center.
  • LGA 1700 COMPATIBLE The MEG CORELIQUID S Series liquid cooler provides out of box support for LGA 1700.
  • EVAPORATION PROOF TUBING Constructed with three layers of netted plastic tubing and a reinforced mesh exterior.
  • Suitable location : Processor
  • Supported processor sockets : LGA 1150 (Socket H3), LGA 1151 (Socket H4), LGA 1155 (Socket H2), LGA 1156 (Socket H), LGA 1200 (Socket H5), LGA 2011 (Socket R), Socket AM2, Socket AM2+, Socket AM3, Socket AM3+, Socket AM4, Socket FM1, Socket FM2, Socket FM2+
  • Maximum airflow : 82.27 cfm
  • Fan noise level (min) : 21.2 dB
  • Fan noise level (max) : 24.9 dB
  • Fan bearing technology : Hydro Dynamic Bearing (HDB)
  • Pump motor speed : 2800 RPM
  • Fan speed (max) : 1800 RPM
  • Fan static pressure : 2.2 mmH2O
  • Fan's mean time to failure (MTTF) : 50000 h
  • Material : Aluminium
  • Number of fans : 2 fan(s)
  • Fan power consumption : 6 W
  • Pump power consumption : 4 W
  • Pump current : 0.33 mA
  • Fan current : 0.5 A
Weight & dimensions
  • Radiator width : 31.5 cm
  • Radiator depth : 2.7 cm
  • Radiator height : 14 cm
  • Tube length : 40 cm
  • Waterblock width : 9.5 cm
  • Waterblock depth : 5.4 cm
  • Waterblock height : 9.5 cm
  • Fan dimensions (W x D x H) : 140 x 140 x 25 mm
Other features
  • Noise level : 21.2 dB
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