Eisbaer 360

3 x 120 mm / Radiator 360 mm

Refrigeration ALPHACOOL

REF. 1012138
Liquid CPU Cooler Alphacool Eisbaer 360
Eisbaer 360 132,90€

Refrigeración Líquida Alphacool Eisbaer 360

Alphacool Eisbaer Liquid Cooling offers extremely quiet, high-performance cooling for your CPU. A closed water cooling system that is easy to install and can be easily and safely expanded with its quick-lock closure.

Main features:

  • Quick release connector. Equipped with a quick-lock mechanism, the "Eisbaer" can be effortlessly expanded with other components.
  • Radiator. Alphacool depends on a radiator made of pure copper. The base of the radiator is the popular Alphacool NexXxoS series, which is well-loved around the world. The pure copper construction raises the cooling performance enormously compared to the usual aluminium radiators used in classic AIOs. The slight thickness of the fins ensures enormous cooling power in fans with low rotational speed. This ensures that the performance of the “Eisbaer” when adjusting the fans down decreases much more slowly than in radiators with higher fin thickness.
  • Connectors. The connectors are based on classic G1 / 4 inch threads and can be exchanged for others as desired. Hoses are based on a family size, 11/8 mm. Anti-wrinkle springs prevent kinks in the hoses, which could lead to interruptions in the cooling circuit. Safety comes first with us. Matte black fits very well with the overall look of the "Eisbaer" .
  • Fans. In cooperation with Bequiet! The Eisbaer uses Pure Wings 2 fans to push cold air between the cooling fins. Both fans run through a 3-pin connector. A Y-adapter is included in the Eisbaer, so both fans can be controlled through a port on their motherboard or a separate fan control.
  • Pumps. The base of the pumps is the Alphacool DC-LT Ultra Low Noise or Low Noise Ceramic, also available separately. The pump runs very quietly and can be regulated between 7 and 12V. It can also be regulated through the base plate. With the "Eisbaer" you will not have any loss of performance. The polished and shiny copper base of the cooler ensures optimal heat absorption and can transmit heat over the refrigerator's fine groove structure to the water quickly and efficiently.
  • Hoses. The flexible PVC hoses make installing the “Eisbaer” easy. These hoses are easier to arrange and move into the right position. So the hoses don’t bend and stop the flow of the water, both hoses have been fitted with anti-kink springs. The 11/8 mm size is also a standard in the water cooling field, alongside the 13/10 and 16/10.
  • Quick-lock closure . The “Eisbaer” was designed with expandability directly in mind. This is why you’ll find a quick-lock closure on one of the hoses. This quick-lock mechanism is compatible with Alphacool HF quick-lock closures (1010383, 1010394, 1010395, 1010442), with which the circuit can easily be expanded to include anything from a radiator to a graphics card cooler. Furthermore, the “Eisbaer” is compatible with the upcoming Alphacool GPX-Pro graphics card AIO, which will use identical quick-lock closures.
  • Built-in fan : Y
  • Radiator : Y
  • Maximum airflow : 63.85 cfm
  • Compatible processor series : Not supported
  • Supported processor sockets : LGA 1150 (Socket H3),LGA 1151 (Socket H4),LGA 1155 (Socket H2),LGA 1156 (Socket H),LGA 1366 (Socket B),LGA 2011 (Socket R),LGA 2011-v3 (Socket R),LGA 771 (Socket J),Socket 604,Socket 755,Socket 940,Socket AM2,Socket AM2+,Socket AM3,Socket AM3+,Socket
  • Airflow : 108 m³/h
Packaging content
  • Screws included : Y
Weight & dimensions
  • Weight : 3.03 kg
  • Fan diameter : 12 cm
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