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Refrigeration Enermax

LIQFUSION 360 RGB 129,90€
Refrigeration - 360 mm - Enermax - LIQFUSION 360 RGB


LIQFUSION is a CPU liquid cooler with individually addressable RGB LEDs. The RGB water block is equipped with a patented flow meter that allows the user to easily monitor the status of the coolant flow. Together with the T.B. RGB™ fans with addressable LEDs, the LIQFUSION can create unique RGB lighting effects. The RGB liquid cooler is compatible with addressable RGB headers from Gigabyte, MSI and Asrock motherboards. In addition, LIQFUSION has an integrated RGB control box if the RGB LEDs cannot be controlled via the motherboard.

Refrigeration - 360 mm - Enermax - LIQFUSION 360 RGB
Refrigeration - 360 mm - Enermax - LIQFUSION 360 RGB

Water Block

The RGB water block with addressable LED ring and patented flow indicator allows monitoring of the cooling loop and coolant level. To extend the lifetime of the cooler, coolant can be refilled through an opening on the cooling block.


The radiator offers a large cooling surface with high heat exchange capacity thanks to the fine channels and thin aluminium fins. LIQFUSION is available with 240 and 360mm radiators.

Refrigeration - 360 mm - Enermax - LIQFUSION 360 RGB


The highly efficient ceramic pump with rubber casing is attached to the tubes to ensure the most efficient vibration damping and quiet operation.


The premium weaved tubings are made of flexible and long lasting polyamide rubber with multiple layers ensuring zero permeability and long-lasting operation. The tubes offer an easy system installation thanks to a length of 400mm.

For maximum safety the connections to the fittings are sealed with extra strong glue.

Refrigeration - 360 mm - Enermax - LIQFUSION 360 RGB

Addressable RGB Lighting Synchronization

Synchronizable RGB lighting via addressable RGB headers of motherboards from Asus, Asrock, MSI and Gigabyte (with adaptor).

Programmable lighting effects via motherboards software.

Note: Addressable RGB LEDs run on 5V, do not connect them to a non-addressable 4 pin header with 12V.

RGB Control Box

The integrated RGB control box offers quick setup of 10 pre-set lighting effects without the need of a RGB motherboard or additional software.

Refrigeration - 360 mm - Enermax - LIQFUSION 360 RGB


Quick & user-friendly universal mounting system supporting Intel® and AMD® sockets (excluding TR4/SP3 socket). The pressure adjustment spring system and high conductive Dow-Corning® thermal grease ensures a perfect contact with the CPUs heat spreader.

LIQFUSION is compatible with 120mm fan mountings. Please ensure your case offers enough space to install the radiator.

  • Suitable for : Processor
  • Rotational speed (min) : 500 RPM
  • Rotational speed (max) : 2000 RPM
  • Noise level (low speed) : 14 dB
  • Noise level (high speed) : 28 dB
  • Minimum airflow : 23.81 cfm
  • Maximum airflow : 102.17 cfm
  • Minimum air pressure : 0.673 mmH2O
  • Maximum air pressure : 6.28 mmH2O
  • Mean time between failures (MTBF) : 50000 h
  • Radiator material : Aluminum
  • Base plate material : Copper
  • Illumination LED : Y
  • Illumination colour : Red/Green/Blue
Ports & interfaces
  • Fan connector : 4-pin + 4-pin
  • Pump rated voltage : 12 V
  • Rated current : 0.18 A
  • Maximum current : 0.57 A
Packaging content
  • Thermal grease : Y
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