MarioKart™ NNS50GR

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MarioKart™ Game Traveller Deluxe Travel Case NNS50GR
MarioKart™ NNS50GR 20,81€

MarioKart™ Game Traveller Deluxe Travel Case NNS50GR

Licensed product compatible with Switch™, Switch™ OLED and Switch™ Lite with MarioKart™ license.

  • Console Deluxe Carrying Case: Stores and protects the Switch™, Switch™ OLED, or Switch™ Lite system, spacer
  • padded with vertical support for console, and with compartments for console with/without Joy-Con™ Action Grips (not included).
  • 2x Game Bags: to store 4 games each.
  • 2x microSD Sleeves: Hold 2 microSD cards each and fit in gaming sleeves.

*Console, controls, games and additional accessories not included.

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