DDR4 ValueSelect 2400MHZ 8GB C16

1 x 8GB / 288-pin DIMM

RAM memory Corsair

REF. CMV8GX4M1A2400C16
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Memory corsair ddr4 valueslect 2400mhz 8gb cl16
DDR4 ValueSelect 2400MHZ 8GB C16 20,90€

ValueSelect DDR4 8GB 2400MHZ CL16 ( 1 x 8 GB )

Corsair stands out for offering high-performance memory capable of performing in the most demanding situations, such as extreme gaming and processing environments with a heavy transaction load. But not all equipment is subjected to such demanding conditions.

That is why Corsair has brought reliability, testing and quality to a range of memory products, the Value Select Series, designed to perform in more everyday situations, such as the use of office applications.

Memory you can trust, guaranteed for life.
  • Internal memory : 8 GB
  • Memory layout (modules x size) : 1 x 8 GB
  • Internal memory type : DDR4
  • Memory clock speed : 2400 MHz
  • Memory form factor : 288-pin DIMM
  • CAS latency : 16
  • Memory voltage : 1.2 V
  • Product colour : Black
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