XPG Lancer DDR5 5200MHz 16GB CL38

1 x 16 GB

RAM memory Adata

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Adata XPG LANCER DDR5 16GB 5200MT / s CL 38Memory Module
XPG Lancer DDR5 5200MHz 16GB CL38 53,61€

XPG LANCER DDR5 16GB Single Pack

A New Speed ​​Benchmark in Gaming Memory The XPG LANCER DDR5 ushers in the DDR5 era for gaming memory. Reaching frequencies of up to 5200 MT / s, it will give a huge performance boost for gaming and overclocking.

RAM memory - 1 x 16 GB - Adata - XPG Lancer DDR5 5200MHz 16GB CL38

Improved power management

The XPG LANCER has a built-in Power Management IC (PMIC) that improves the stability of the power supply. It also makes LANCER more energy efficient than DDR4.

Stability and reliability

With Error Correction Code (ECC), this module can automatically correct errors in real time. In addition to greatly reducing the load on CPU calculations, it also provides greater stability and reliability for business-class computers.

RAM memory - 1 x 16 GB - Adata - XPG Lancer DDR5 5200MHz 16GB CL38

Made with high quality materials

High-quality ICs and PCBs ensure uncompromising performance and reliable overclocking, ideal for demanding gamers and overclockers.

Easy overclocking

With support for Intel XMP 3.0, easily get overclocked without the need to enter BIOS. No need to repeatedly adjust and fine-tune overclocking parameters.

  • Memory type : DDR5
  • Form factor : U-DIMM
  • Colour : Black
  • Capacity : 16 GB
  • Speeds : 5200 MT / s
  • CAS latencies : CL 38-38-38
  • Operating voltage : 1.25V
  • Operating temperature : 0 ° C to 85 ° C
Weight and measurements
  • Weight : 74g
  • Dimensions (L x W x H) : 133.35 x 40 x 8mm
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