Vengeance® RGB DDR5 64GB 5600GHz CL40

2 X 32GB

RAM memory Corsair

REF. CMH64GX5M2B5600Z40K
Memory RAM Corsair Vengenance® RGB DDR5 64GB 5600 GHz 2 X 32GB CL40
Vengeance® RGB DDR5 64GB 5600GHz CL40 254,90€
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Vengeance® RGB DDR5 64GB 5600 GHz CL40 (2x32GB)

  • DO IT ALL, AND DO IT FASTER In the many-core era, the unprecedented processing speed of DDR5 ensures your high-end CPU gets data quickly with ease. Whether you are gaming, creating content, opening 100 tabs, or multi-tasking, your PC can power through complex tasks faster than ever before.
  • ONBOARD VOLTAGE REGULATION You have the power and the control. Built-in voltage regulation with iCUE software control makes for easier, finely-tuned output that provides more stable overclocking than ever.
  • CUSTOM INTEL XMP 3.0 PROFILES Ditch the tedious process of manually adjusting your performance settings each time when you save your own XMP profiles through iCUE.
  • COMPACT FORM-FACTOR Low clearance ensures wide compatibility with nearly any DDR5 build.
  • HAND-SORTED, TIGHTLY-SCREENED MEMORY CHIPS Ensures consistent high-frequency performance with aggressive timing options.
  • SOLID ALUMINUM HEATSPREADER Conducts heat away from your memory quickly, with refined VENGEANCE styling to fit the look of modern systems.
  • HIGH-PERFORMANCE PCB Guarantees signal quality and stability for superior overclocking ability.
  • Internal memory : 64 GB
  • Memory layout (modules x size) : 2 x 32 GB
  • Internal memory type : DDR5
  • Memory clock speed : 5600 MHz
  • Component for : PC
  • Memory form factor : 288-pin DIMM
  • ECC : N
  • CAS latency : 40
  • Memory voltage : 1.25 V
  • AMD Extended Profiles for Overclocking (EXPO) : Y
  • Backlight : Y
  • Backlight colour : Red/Green/Blue
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