T-Create Expert DDR5 64GB 6400MHz CL34

RAM memory Team Group

Modulo memoria TeamGroup T-Create Expert DDR5 64GB 6400MHz CL34 2X32GB
T-Create Expert DDR5 64GB 6400MHz CL34 341,24€
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T-Create Expert DDR5

A redefinition of everything by outstanding performance

The ultimate T-CREATE EXPERT DDR5 is out now. The outstanding performance, stability and compatibility of the new DDR5 generation enable professionals to push limits and redefine all possibilities.

Design for releasing unlimited creativity

Dedicated one-piece cooling module covered with vent holes and thermally conductive silicone to deliver max performance. 10 layers of printed circuit boards, customized high-temperature resistant capacitor, aluminum heat spreader and high-quality IC are inside the module to maintain a stable system.

Every recognition of memory overturned

Multi-core workstation processors need the support of large memory. A single 32GB DDR5 memory reaches up to 128GB when connected to the 4 DIMM slots on the CPU, allowing professionals to get tasks done faster when handling large-scale projects, analyzing data sets, or running multiple applications.

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