Microphone boom arm Drift Flexa
Flexa 32,90€
Microphones - Microphone boom arm - Drift - Flexa

Drift Flexa

The Drift Flexa is the microphone boom arm that you’ve been waiting for. The perfect accessory for your setup, it will help you get the most out of your microphone. The height of this boom arm for desk microphones can be adjusted to the position that best suits you, and its cable management system will help keep your gaming space organized. Rise to the level of the pros with the Drift Flexa.

Convenient and simple

The Flexa is an adaptable microphone arm/stand that’s easy to set up and fits perfectly into the space on your gaming table or desk. It can be used on any surface that measures between 1 cm and 5.5 cm deep thanks to its simple, practical clamp mechanism. Practical and simple to store, you can fold it up and take it with you wherever you go.

Join the pros

The height of the Drift Flexa can be adjusted and it can be mounted in a position adapted to your needs. This boom arm can reach a maximum height of 84.7 cm, meaning your voice will be picked up loud and clear in any situation. With the Flexa, your mic will always adapt to your needs and be ready for every session.

The Flexa is a force of nature that will hold the weight of your mic with ease during long sessions, always keeping it in the optimum position. Made with premium materials, it can support microphones up to a maximum weight of 1 kg.

Adjust it to suit you

The Drift Flexa can be rotated up to 180º, guaranteeing that you’ll be heard even if you’re one of those gamers who never stops moving in the heat of the battle. Move the mic with you so it keeps up with your movements and adapt it to the position that suits your gameplay.

Its screw threads are 3/8” y 5/8” – standard measurements so you can be sure it’s fully compatible.

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