Gaming Microphone  KROM Kapsule respawn
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Microphones - Krom - Kapsule respawn


Krom Kapsule is a HD studio quality double condenser microphone, with anti-shock mount and pop filter, offering you everything you need to achieve the best sound in your streams, podcasts, conversations or music recordings.

Microphones - Krom - Kapsule respawn

Boost the quality of your audio

This is a professional microphone with two high-quality condenser capsules, making it perfect for recording, speaking or singing.

Krom Kapsule is also a streaming microphone, which guarantees that your community will always hear you loud and clear in every game, as well as conveying orders to your squad without interference.

Microphones - Krom - Kapsule respawn

Double recording pattern

With this microphone you will be able to record a professional sound, both omnidirectional and unidirectional, since you can choose between its different recording patterns from its front panel, adapting immediately to the type of capture you require at all times thanks to its simple usability.

Microphones - Krom - Kapsule respawn
Microphones - Krom - Kapsule respawn

Crisp and clear sound: high precision

Krom Kapsule allows for sharp audio recording, rich in nuances. With excellent sensitivity, it captures sound very effectively. Its pop filter maintains clean acoustics, without echo or annoying background noise. This filter also dampens the blasts of air we expel when we speak

Microphones - Krom - Kapsule respawn

Comfort and maximum performance

This professional recording microphone has a positionable mechanical support, making it versatile and easy to handle at all times.

Visually very attractive, with black finishes, the Krom Kapsule is a modern microphone that fits into any setup. Made of metal, with an anti-shock mount, it is extremely stable and adapts easily to different positions, offering professional aesthetics and performance.

Microphones - Krom - Kapsule respawn
  • Studio-grade sound
  • Easy to transport
  • Kimu Endless facilities
  • Sensibilidad; -35dB -+- 3dB
  • 74 x 115 x 190 mm
  • Weight : 1000 gr
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