Mid tower ATX Nox Infinity Gamma ARGB
Infinity Gamma ARGB 54,90€

Nox Infinity Gamma

The Nox Infinity Gamma is an elegant, understated semi tower. The large ARGB LED strip running through its front panel gives it a futuristic touch that makes it ideal for any setup. On one side, you'll find a large tempered glass window that shows off your configuration. Among other features, there's a magnetic dust filter on the top panel, too.

ACCESS AND FRONT PANEL. The Nox Infinity Gamma's minimalist design features a large ARGB LED, and with the controller included you can create the lighting combination that best suits your style. The top panel incorporates two USB 2.0 ports, one high-speed USB 3.0 port and the audio connections.

HIGH CAPACITY. This chassis boasts a spacious interior, designed to create high-performance configurations. It comes with capacity for graphics cards up to 330 mm in length and fans with a maximum height of 160 mm. You'll also find a cable management system that will contribute to a tidy and efficient installation.

Cases - Nox - Infinity Gamma ARGB
Cases - Nox - Infinity Gamma ARGB
  • Dynamic Rainbow ARGB Front stripe
  • ARGB Light Controller
  • Tempered glass side panel
  • 120mm pre-mounted fan with ARGB Rainbow
  • Up to 6 fans capability
  • 22mm cable management system
  • Supports up to 360mm graphic cards
  • Frontal : 3x 120 mm (no incluidos)
  • Top : 2x 120 mm (no incluidos)
  • Rear : 1x 120 mm ARGB Rainbow
Power Supply
  • Estándar ATX (no incluida)
  • CPU : 160 mm
  • Graphics Cards : 330 mm
  • RL : Front: 120 / 240 / 360 mm
  • 389 x 205 x 450 mm
  • 4Kg
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