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Mid Towwer NOX Hummer Glock Black
Hummer Glock Black 119,90€

Hummer Glock

Nox Hummer Glock is a triple A semi-tower with a striking design that offers a panoramic side view of its interior made up of its frameless tempered glass side and front panel. Compatible with large graphics cards, up to 410 mm, this chassis will captivate all your senses. This Nox box has been designed to elevate your setup to the next level.

Achieve excellence. Nox Hummer Glock presents a striking minimalist gaming design. Enjoy a visual spectacle like never before, thanks to the panoramic side window formed by its tempered glass, both side and front, which offer you a complete view of the interior of your build in all its splendor.

Likewise, it incorporates a removable dust filter at the bottom, which makes cleaning easier, so that the maintenance of the components is superior. Likewise, it has an excellent 33 mm wiring system that facilitates easy assembly.

Supreme ability. Designed to accommodate large capacity configurations, the Nox Hummer Glock supports graphics cards up to 410 mm and CPUs up to 180 mm, while being able to mount coolers up to 360 mm on the side and top. This Nox chassis is designed to grow with you.

Premium design. Constructed of 0.80 m solid steel and high quality materials that give it excellent finishes that protect it from scratches or bumps. The legs of the Hummer Glock have a rubber base to avoid annoying vibrations.

Superior cooling. Hummer Glock comes with four ARGB Easy Link Lite fans installed, these fans include a new technology that allows a quick connection between them, without the need for cables, thus keeping the inside of the case clean and facilitating assembly. Being able to integrate up to a total of ten, achieving a large air flow. Keep your components cool, performing at their most efficient.

This Nox case has extensive cooling options with which you can install up to ten 120 mm fans, one in the back, three in the side area, three in the upper area and three in the lower area. Create the perfect lighting for your setup.

Multiple benefits. Focus on what really matters, winning the game. You can place the main accesses where it is most comfortable for you, either at the top or the bottom, on one of its legs. It includes two ports dedicated to USB 3.0, a USB Type C port, as well as HD audio and microphone connections.

Drive Bays
  • 2 x 3.5" ó 1 x 2.5"
  • 2 x 3.5" ó 3 x 2.5"
  • 2x USB 3.0 | 1x USB Type-C | HD Audio | Mic
  • Chasis de acero SPCC 0.7 mm
  • Top : 3x 120 mm (no incluidos)
  • Rear : 1x 120 mm (incluido)
  • PSU : 3x 120 mm (no incluidos)
  • CPU : 180 mm
  • Graphics Cards : 420 mm
  • RL : 120 / 240 / 280 / 360 mm
  • 235 x 501 x 441 mm (An x Al x Pr)
  • 8.3 Kg
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