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Keyboards - 65% - Ozone - Tactical RESPAWN


The Ozone Tactical is a mini mechanical keyboard in 65% format. Compatible with Windows, Mac, IOS, Linux and Android, this keyboard is an ideal size that adapts to any setup. Perfect for using both at home and in the office and very comfortable to transport, you'll be able to take it wherever you go. The Ozone Tactical is a lightweight and elegant keyboard perfect for efficient use of space

Keyboards - 65% - Ozone - Tactical RESPAWN


This ergonomic reduced-size keyboard offers high performance and reliability. The Ozone Tactical incorporates anti-ghosting technology with up to six simultaneous keys, so that you can press several keys at the same time without worrying that the keyboard won't process the order correctly.

Its satisfying Outemu Red mechanical switches guarantee excellent touch quality, making them perfect for typing. The Outemu Red are also switches designed for gaming: extremely reliable, fast and silent. 

The Ozone Tactical keyboard is resistant and durable, with a guarantee of up to 50 million keystrokes, and also allows you to create and manage up to six macros, making it possible to change the functions of practically all the keys


The Ozone Tactical is a full RGB mini keyboard. Every key has RGB backlighting. Its vivid and uniform lighting will give you that gaming aesthetic you want in the dark.

You can modify the intensity, direction, speed and color of the keys through its intuitive software.

Keyboards - 65% - Ozone - Tactical RESPAWN
Keyboards - 65% - Ozone - Tactical RESPAWN


The Ozone Tactical is a reduced-size Spanish bluetooth keyboard with a compact design and powerful functions. You can connect it either through Bluetooth 5.0 or a USB 2.0 connection.

  • Mecánico Switches Outemu (red)
  • ISO
  • Windows / Android / Linux / iOS
  • USB chapado en oro / Bluetooth
Cable length
  • 150±2 cm
  • 310 x 101 x 38 mm
  • 600±20 g
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