MM150 Cloth Gaming Mouse Pad Corsair
MM150 17,90€
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Get closer to the action with the CORSAIR MM150 Ultra-Thin Gaming Mouse Pad, for unimpeded gaming on a tough, tearresistant polycarbonate surface just 0.5mm thick. An anti-skid silicone base stays firmly in place through intense gaming.

With a 350mm x 260mm surface accented by stylish wear-resistant surface graphics, the MM150 lets you play virtually level with your desk

  • Ultra-Thin 0.5mm Form Factor: Offers an unimpeded gaming experience that keeps your mouse virtually level with  your desk on a 350mm x 260mm surface. 
  • Tear-resistant Polycarbonate Surface: Provides the durability to stand up to daily use.
  • Staying Power: An anti-skid silicone base stays in place during the most intense gaming sessions.
  • Looking Good: Wear-resistant surface graphics keep your setup looking fresh and compliment your gaming style.
  • MM100 Cloth Mouse Pad sturdy and reliable
  • 350 (L) x 260 (An) x 0,5 (Al) mm
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