Mobile ring holder

Merchandising Krom

Mobile ring holder Krom
Mobile ring holder 2,90€
Merchandising - Krom - Mobile ring holder

soporte móvil

No, it’s not only a ring holder for your mobile phone, this is a practical and resistant metal accesory, with good adhesion, suitable to all phones, helping you to handle your smartphone in a simple and safe way, expanding your mana with it easy grip, avoiding, tragic falls and controlling the device easily. 

Merchandising - Krom - Mobile ring holder

The phone will not longer slid out of your hands thanks to this new ally, that does not lack any detail: it can rotate in any horizontal direction in 360º or vertical in 180º, so you can also use it as a support to watch videos of the best plays on your smartphone or your favorite series comfortably.

  • Dimensions: : 3 x 4.2 x 0.7 cm (AnxAlxPr)
  • Material: : Metal
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