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Bungee Krom

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Bungees - Mouse cord controller - Krom - Bungee

The ultimate tool

Sometimes the cable can be inconvenient when using the mouse, either by the space it occupies, because that is entangled with other elements, or they can become damaged by poor management.

The new Krom Bungee is the ultimate tool to ensure the success of every game.

Bungees - Mouse cord controller - Krom - Bungee

Cable management

Bungee allows you to manage the mouse cable so it does not get tangled or damaged by rubbing the edges of the desktop, it has a flexible rubber arm that allow you to make any movement avoiding obstacles.

Bungees - Mouse cord controller - Krom - Bungee

Freedom of movement

It has a solid base that is also non-slip, which provide great stability to bungee, granting the rapid and unimpeded movement. And thanks to its small size and the ability to dismantle, it'll be easy portability.

  • Rubber arm to allow cable flex
  • Solid base for an enhanced stability
  • Anti-slip feet
  • Compatible with all wired mice
  • 109 x 86 x 83 mm
  • 130 gr
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