G840 XL SHROUD Edition

Black / Blue

Mousepad Logitech

REF. 943-000433
Logitech G840 XL Gaming Mouse Pad SHROUD
G840 XL SHROUD Edition 51,31€

G840 XL Shroud Edition

Logitech G840 XL is a huge mouse pad to get the most out of your games. G840's large surface area gives you more room to play than ever before. Play with freedom of configuration, without the limitations of smaller mousepads.

  • Surface optimized for performance. The performance-built surface provides maximum smoothness and precision for gaming mice by delivering optimal sensor images to convert mouse movement into cursor movement even at high speeds.
  • Moderate surface friction. It offers the necessary sensations to feel the movement of the mouse. Use muscle memory for accurate aiming and optimize both small quick movements and slow speed control.
  • Stable rubber base. Players using low dpi values ​​make rapid movements. The rubber base keeps the entire surface in place and prevents the fabric from wrinkling and hindering the movement of the mouse across the desktop. A thickness of 3 mm with such a wide size provides the necessary stability for both the mouse and the keyboard.
  • Roll it up and take it away. G840 is strong enough and flexible enough that it can be rolled up and stored in the included carrying tube. Take the comfort and control of your mouse and keyboard with you wherever you go.
  • Product colour : Black, Blue, White
  • Surface coloration : Monotone
  • Gaming mouse pad : Y
  • Wrist rest : N
Weight & dimensions
  • Width : 900 mm
  • Depth : 400 mm
  • Thickness : 3 mm
Packaging data
  • Package width : 75 mm
  • Package depth : 75 mm
  • Package height : 420 mm
  • Package weight : 780 g
Packaging content
  • Packaging content : G840 XL gaming mouse padUser documentation and full product support
Logistics data
  • Master (outer) case width : 161 mm
  • Master (outer) case length : 161 mm
  • Master (outer) case height : 434 mm
  • Master (outer) case gross weight : 3.35 kg
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