Tuf Gaming P3

Mousepad Asus Gaming

REF. 90MP01C0-B0UA00
Tuf Gaming P3 mousepad ASUS
Tuf Gaming P3 12,90€

ASUS Tuf Gaming P3

  • Play Smooth. Game Tough. TUF Gaming P3 is a durable mouse pad with a smooth, gaming-optimized cloth surface for accurate and responsive tracking, and imbued with the TUF Gaming ethos in all elements of the design. P3 is finished with anti-fray stitching for everyday resilience and has a non-slip rubber base, providing the best performance for any gaming scenario.
  • Gaming-Optimized. Cloth Surface. TUF Gaming P3 is a durable mouse pad with a smooth, textile-weave surface that's perfect for gaming, The design is optimized for responsive mouse-tracking, with a silky finish that allows your hand to guide effortlessly across the pad for game-winning speed and accuracy.
  • Anti-Fray Stitching. TUF Gaming P3 has a premium, durable design that extends right to the edge, with anti-fray stitching that'll keep the pad in great condition long into the future.
  • Non-Slip Rubber Base. With a non-slip rubber base TUF Gaming P3 practically sticks to your desktop, assuring stability during your fiercest firefights.
  • Product colour : Black,Green,Grey
  • Surface coloration : Pattern
  • Material : Rubber
  • Gaming mouse pad : Y
  • Wrist rest : N
  • Non-slip base : Y
Weight & dimensions
  • Width : 280 mm
  • Depth : 350 mm
  • Thickness : 2 mm
  • Weight : 132 g
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