Echelon Camo

Mousepad Asus

REF. 90YH0031-BDUA00
Mousepad Echelon Camo
Echelon Camo 19,90€
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Mousepads - Asus - Echelon Camo

Echelon camo

The Echelon mouse pad is made for with all sensor types and sensitivity. The fine-weave material means pixel-precise tracking and smooth, speedy glides - always. It’s also brilliantly durable, with a fray-resistant embroidered edge and a sumptuously cushioned backing that keeps your pad firmly in place.
  • Fast gliding movement– Fine-weave fabric
  • Pixel-precise tracking- Works with all sensor types and sensitivity
  • Fray-resistant design- Embroidered edge for better feel, comfort and durability
  • Black
  • 355 x 254 x 3 mm
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