Runway SE

Mousepad BG

Comunidad: 1€

Personal: 2€

Mousepad Gaming BG Runway SE
Runway SE 4,90€
Mousepads - BG - Runway SE


 Runway SE perfect design and materials’ combination will give you the security and accuracy your movements need to overcome any situation.

Runway has been developed to perfectly team up with all sorts of mices. You will speedy move though the playing field with maximum control and precision thanks to its heat treated fabric surface, which produces the low friction your mouse needs to slide smoothly. In addition, its elegant green stitched edge enhances the durability of your Runway SE over time.

Mousepads - BG - Runway SE

Perfect size

Runway SE anti-slip rubber base firmly adheres to your desk, preventing it from moving while you are at play and providing maximum comfort for your hand and wrist. Enjoy lots of gaming hours without feeling the slightest fatigue!

Shift along with Runway SE and go where the battle is! Runway SE size and the durability of its materials will allow you to roll it up and take it with you anywhere, for it is easily transportable and fits comfortably into any space, however small. 

  • Non-skid base
  • Soft surface
  • Perfect Optical and Laser Mice
  • Elegant green stitched
  • Fabric
  • 320 x 270 x 3 mm
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