Knout XL Extended


Mousepad Krom

Mousepads - Fabric - Krom - Knout XL Extended
Knout XL Extended 20,90€
Krom, ¡alfombrilla de regalo!
Mousepads - Fabric - Krom - Knout XL Extended
Krom expands the mausepad series, knout, this time we present the Knout XL. With extra large size you can convert your desktop in a mousepad.

Quality materials

Knout XL surface is fabric, this will help your mouse to slide through without problems giving you a smooth and precise movements.
Good grip to your table with its rubber base.
Mousepads - Fabric - Krom - Knout XL Extended

Dimensions XL

As suggested by its name, this mouse is nearly a meter, specifically 900x350x3 mm.
These 3mm thick make any imperfections go unnoticed on your desktop and provide comfort to your hand.
Mousepads - Fabric - Krom - Knout XL Extended

Gaming design

All sides have sewn edge, which gives Knout XL durability and resistance.
 Like the rest of the Knout family, his appearance is black, with Krom name and logo in orange color that identifies our brand.
  • Smooth surface for optimum slip
  • High performance for optical and laser mice
  • Rubber base for greater fixation
  • Black
  • 900x 350 x 3 mm
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