Newskill Raijin Professional Lightning Mousepad
Raijin RGB 25,90€
Mousepads - Newskill - Raijin RGB

RGB Newskill Raijin

Newskill Raijin, a mat RGB coming to look completely different to your play area. Its spectacular effects of light adjustable in intensity will offer you a gaming experience never seen before in your desktop. Your backlight RGB has been strategically placed around the base, thus giving sublime customization and design. 

Mousepads - Newskill - Raijin RGB

Ultra-Slippery surface

Because accuracy is a very important aspect in your moments of game, the surface of RAIJIN has been built in high quality ABS plastic. But this is not the most important thing and is that its coefficient of friction is really low so it becomes a vital weapon to improve your performance in any type of game. Precision and safety in your movements will be features that will define you as a player. 

Mousepads - Newskill - Raijin RGB

Natural Rubber

If the part superior is important not it is less the lower by what in Newskill have included a base ultra adherent in RAIJIN. This allows you, once located on the playing surface, this is secure with high security, thereby limiting any unwanted movement. 

Mousepads - Newskill - Raijin RGB

The importance of connectedness

 RAIJIN is connected via a cable of type 2 meter usb micro finish mesh for durability.

  • Backlight RGB
  • Effects and colours; Wave of color "Spectrum" / Breathing RGB / 7 fixed colors - red, green, blue, pink, yellow, white and Cyan
  • ABS plastic and natural rubber
  • 360 x 260 x 5 mm
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