Mod Kit A40RT Blue

headphone accessory

Headset Astro

REF. 939-001546
Noise Isolation Astro Gaming A40 TR Mod Kit Blue
Mod Kit A40RT Blue 64,90€
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A40 TR Mod Kit Blue

Adapt the ASTRO A40 TR headphones to any environment by adding ASTRO A40 Mod Kit. At venues, such as professional tournaments, you can turn the A40 TR into closed-back, noise-isolating headphones with sealed speaker labels, leatherette ear cushions and diadem.

In tournaments you need a microphone that does not pick up the noise of the people or the commentators. This A40TR Mod Kit Microphone is the solution. And since we all like to be different, with Mod Kit you can add a touch of color or the logo of your favorite game. Note: A40 TR Mod Kits are only compatible with A40 TR Headphones.

  • Closed-back speaker labels An important element needed to transform the A40 TR open-back headphones into a noise-isolating closed-back headphones
  • Noise isolating ear pads. Synthetic leather ear cushions will improve noise reduction in noisy environments, such as tournaments
  • Voice Isolation Microphone. A microphone that will filter out background noise during tournament play
  • Compatibility. Only owners of A40 TR headphones can use Mod Kits to convert their headphones with these components
  • Brand compatibility : Astro gaming
  • Compatibility : A40 TR Headset
  • Product colour : Blue
Packaging data
  • Package type : Window box
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