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Nox Hummer Easy Link set 3 fan White
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Refrigeration - Nox - Easy Link White

Easy Link

The Nox Hummer Easy Link is a set of fans featuring the latest cable-free technology to leave the inside of your chassis free of wiring. This kit includes three ultra-silent 120 mm ARGB LED PWM fans.

Wireless connection

Available in black or white, this set of three ARGB fans incorporates brand-new technology that allows you to connect each fan without the need for any cables. This way, you'll be able to put together a configuration that's as clean and tidy as possible when you install them in your PC case. 

Refrigeration - Nox - Easy Link White

Great airflow

Ultra-silent. The Hummer Easy Link pack includes three 120 mm fans that reach a speed of up to 1500 RPM, so you can triple the ventilation power inside your PC.

Thanks to their wireless connection you can link them as efficiently as possible, creating the perfect cooling system for your PC. Control the airflow inside your chassis and make sure it's always kept at the perfect temperature.

The Hummer Easy Link also has PWM control that adapts your ventilation to the needs of your PC at all times - creating the perfect relationship between performance and efficiency.

Refrigeration - Nox - Easy Link White

Lighting & design

Create different atmospheres and synchronize colours with the rest of your setup, with the innovative design and ARGB LED lighting in these three fans.

For maximum stability each fan has 4 anti-vibration rubber pads that reduce noise, so you can keep noise as low as possible - and all within a stunning design.


The Nox Hummer Easy Link allows you to reflect your gaming style in its lighting, by synchronizing it with the rest of your setup. Customize it your way and stand out from the crowd!

Simple installation

Thanks to the latest wireless technology, the Nox Hummer Easy Link is simple and easy to install.

  • Ventilation : 120 mm
  • Bearing : Hidráulico
  • Speed : 500 - 1500 RPM (±10%)
  • Airflow : 61 CFM (max)
  • Sound Level : 18 - 31.4 dBA (max)
  • 4 pin PWM & AURA Dual 5V 3 pin (pin & socket)
  • 120 x 120 x 25 mm
  • 360 g
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