Hummer X 1000W

Modular / 80+ Gold

Power supplies Nox

Nox Hummer X 1000W Modular 80 + Gold Power supply
Hummer X 1000W 154,90€
Nox Hummer X 1000W Modular 80 + Gold


Hummer X 1000 W Gold Edition is a modular power supply for PC recommended for those teams that mount the latest graphics cards, whether it is new from AMD or that NVIDIA has released its new series.

Its 80 Plus Gold Certificate guarantees high energy efficiency with your computer at maximum performance, while its silent 120 mm fan with temperature regulator ensures the correct air flow at any time.
Nox Hummer X 1000W Modular 80 + Gold

More efficiency

The Hummer X 1000W Gold Edition is one of the best power supplies to match the latest graphics cards. Perfect to complement the most powerful equipment. It has high-end Japanese electrolytic capacitors, premium components that allow you to achieve real power with stable voltage and reliability over time.
Nox Hummer X 1000W Gold Edition has 80 Plus Gold Certification, which guarantees a minimum efficiency of 90%, which helps reduce electricity consumption, helping you to save on your electricity bill.
Power supplies - Modular / 80+ Gold - Nox - Hummer X 1000W


This fully modular 1000W power supply offers great voltage control and ultra-quiet operation. Nox Hummer X 1000W has a built-in low noise and powerful 120mm fan that effectively reduces heat and ensures outstanding performance.

It is an intelligent fan that is activated only when necessary, adapting to the different needs of the equipment.
Nox Hummer X 1000W Modular 80 + Gold

For powerful setups

Nox Hummer X 1000W Gold Edition has been designed for high-performance configurations, for clean and fast assemblies. Its wiring is totally modular, facilitating assembly and offering adequate management of the interior of the chassis, helping to maintain the ideal temperature in the equipment, favoring air flow.

It is also a PC source with OVP, SCP, OPP, SIP and UVP protections that guarantee safe operation in different circumstances.

Nox Hummer X 1000W Modular 80 + Gold


1x 24 pin ATX main connector (570 mm)

2x EPS + 12V 4 + 4 pin connector (670 mm)

9x S-ATA connectors (530mm)

2x (530mm) + 2x (150mm) 6 + 2 pin PCIe connectors

3x 4 pin Molex connectors (530mm))

  • 80 PLUS Gold certified
  • 120 mm ultra silence fan with speed control
  • Compatible with ATX 12V 2.31 & EPS 12V 2.91/2.92 con PFC activo
  • OVP, SCP, OPP, SIP, UVP protections
  • Japanese electrolytic capacitors certified to work up to 105ºC
  • 1000 W
  • Modular
  • 100-240Vac / 63-47 Hz / 15 - 6A
  • Active
  • 120 mm ultra silence fan with speed control
  • 1x Principal connector ATX 24 pin (570 mm)
  • 2x EPS +12V 4+4 pin (670 mm) connector
  • 9x S-ATA (530 mm) connectors
  • 2x (530 mm) + 2x (50 mm) connectors PCIe 6+2 pin
  • 3x Molex 4 pines (530 mm)
  • 150 x 161 x 87 mm
  • 2.25 Kg
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