RGB HUE 2 V2 26"-32"

LED Ambient RGB

Monitor NZXT

NZXT HUE 2 Ambient RGB 26"-32" Immersive Desktop Lighting System Powered by CAM
RGB HUE 2 V2 26"-32" 79,90€
Monitors - LED  Ambient RGB - NZXT - RGB HUE 2 V2 26"-32"

NZXT HUE 2 26"-32"

The HUE 2 Ambient Lighting Kit uses your walls to visually immerse you in your favorite games or create the perfect mood with ambient RGB lighting from the back of your monitor. Everything you need to easily install and control RGB lighting for your monitor is included. Using CAM’s intuitive interface, you’ll choose from dozens of presets or custom lighting options, and even synchronize your RGB effects across other HUE 2 accessories.

  • Stronger Adhesive: Upgraded the 3M LED strip adhesive backing tape to be thicker and stickier.
  • L-Shape Corner Connector: For easier setup and better aesthetics
  • Wet & Dry Wipes: For cleaning the rear side of the monitor before adhering the LED strips.
  • Specially designed kit for RGB illumination from the back of your monitor
  • Easy installation using the included accessories
  • Seamless control using CAM’s RGB lighting dashboard for perfect synchronization across your other HUE 2 accessories
  • Lamp type : LED
  • Type : Universal strip light
  • Placement supported : Indoor
  • Product colour : Black
  • Light colour : Multi
  • Suitable for light type : Ambience
  • Power source type : DC
Weight & dimensions
  • Length : 300mm x4, 250mm x4
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