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Ozone Spot X46 LED Ring Light with Tripod
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Streaming - Ring Light with Tripod - Ozone - Spot X46- RESPAWN

Spot X46

The Spot X46 is an LED ring light kit with a telescopic tripod that will help you improve the quality of your content in a professional way.

This light ring will give you the illumination you need and become an essential tool: take studio photos, broadcast live and make video calls thanks to its three lighting modes and ten brightness levels. Your content will never look the same again.

Streaming - Ring Light with Tripod - Ozone - Spot X46- RESPAWN

Professional lighting

The Ozone Spot X46 light ring is a 46cm diameter perfect circle composed of 240 LEDs. With 50W power, it offers uniform brightness by allowing you to place your camera or smartphone right inside the circle so you can record video or take photos with a professional feel.

With high-quality finishes, whether you use a smartphone or a camera, the flattering light that this Ozone ring projects eliminates shadows and reflections and provides natural lighting which is constant without annoying flickering.

This light ring is perfect for makeup, portraits and video-streaming, as it provides an image that highlights details, enhances skin, eliminates unwanted shadows, and gives a flattering look.

Streaming - Ring Light with Tripod - Ozone - Spot X46- RESPAWN

Adapts to any environment

This ring light and tripod adapts to a wide range of tones, both warm and cool. Choose between three lighting modes and select from ten brightness levels using two potentiometers. Thanks to its LED technology, it 50W power is capable of developing more than 4000 lumens. The heat emitted by this Ozone light ring is very low, so you'll be able to work comfortably.

Streaming - Ring Light with Tripod - Ozone - Spot X46- RESPAWN


With a 2700-6500K color temperature, this professional LED ring light is the perfect accessory for content creators, giving images a cinematic look. You'll be able to balance the light if you work with other lighting accessories, such as spotlights, flashes or other rings.

Everything under control

Through its remote control you'll be able to regulate the light by adapting it to your environment. You can also adjust the settings directly through the ring itself, using the sliders found on the back.

Streaming - Ring Light with Tripod - Ozone - Spot X46- RESPAWN

Telescopic tripod

Adjust the height of the Spot X46 up to 2 meters, thanks to a telescopic tripod made of high quality aluminum alloy with rubber feet that guarantee its stability.

Streaming - Ring Light with Tripod - Ozone - Spot X46- RESPAWN

Take it wherever you want

It’s the perfect size to illuminate a scene and is made with light and resistant materials. Along with the tripod and remote control, the accessories that come with this pack also include a practical travel bag so that you can comfortably take it wherever you need. The Ozone Spot X46 also includes a USB connector so you can charge any device, like your smartphone.

Streaming - Ring Light with Tripod - Ozone - Spot X46- RESPAWN

Excellent multi-device compatibility

With a universal design, this light ring with tripod is compatible with most smartphones, webcams and camcorders on the market. You can place up to three devices in the center of the LED ring, for example a microphone, using its flexible tube support whose angle can be adjusted by turning or bending it however you like.

Tech specs
  • LEDs : 240 pcs
  • Light power : 50 W
  • Flash index : RA>90
  • Color temperature : 2700 - 6500 K (±200)
  • Ring diameter : External 460 mm | Internal 320 mm
  • Tripod lenght : 190 cm max. | 49 cm min
  • Mounting : 1/4 screw
  • Adjustment type : Stepless
  • Connections : DC port | USB port
  • Remote control : Batteries not included (AAA type)
  • Size : 460 x 460 x 29 (light ring)
  • Weight : 2400 ± 30g
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