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Pack 105 Spanish ISO keys

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Pack 105 keys Glorious PC Gaming Race ABS Black ISO Spanish
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Pack 105 ABS Black keys

With the help of the set of 105 Keycaps offered by Glorious PC Gaming Race, it is possible to quickly and easily customize your own mechanical keyboard with the Gateron, Kailh or Cherry MX Keyboard to modde switches.

  • Gateron, Kailh and Cherry switch keycaps are compatible with each other, shape and size match between series, so you can use the same keycaps different mechanical keyboards from various manufacturers to modify them.
  • The bottom of the buttons is made of a translucent material, while the top layer, except for the desired gaps, does not allow light to shine, so that the LED under the buttons illuminates the letters and special characters in keyboard.
  • There are enough keys to change all the keys on a black ISO-ES layout mechanical keyboard.
  • Number of keys : 105 (+2)
  • Button Set : Complete (ISO Layout)
  • Design : ES (Spain)
  • Color : Black
  • Material : ABS
  • Compatibility : Mechanical keyboards with Gateron MX, Kailh, Cherry MX switches and similar key layouts.
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