115 Keys GPBT - White

Keys made of super durable PBT plastic

Keyboard Glorious

Pack 115 keys Glorious PC Gaming Race PBT ISO Spanish
115 Keys GPBT - White 74,90€
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GPBT keys

Gorgeous cherry profiled keys made from super durable PBT plastic. Designed for maximum readability and available in a variety of vibrant color combinations to complement any battle station.

  • Premium keys. Adorn your switches with aesthetically pleasing keys that will complement any build. The keys are made of high quality, durable PBT plastic.
  • Attractive colors with endless customization. Choose from a variety of vibrant and unique colors to make your keyboard truly yours. Or mix and match to create your own exciting color combinations!
  • Built to last. The PBT plastic provides a rich, satisfying sound and is extremely resistant to fading over time. DYE's opaque and non-transparent subparts maximize readability and allow your keyboard's RGB to completely enclose the key.
  • Number of keys : 115
  • design : ES ISO
  • materials : PBT
  • Compatibility : Compatible with all GMMK models
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