Gateron MX Red

Pack 120 Switches

Keyboard Glorious

Pack 120 Switches Gateron MX Red Glorious PC Gaming Race GMMK
Gateron MX Red 42,89€
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120 Switches Gateron - MX Black


The heart of any mechanical keyboard. These mechanical switches are manufactured and produced by Gateron, and are fully compatible with our Glorious Modular Mechanical Keyboard.

Gateron is the first mechanical switch that brings noticeable improvements over the original Cherry switches that have dominated the market.

The primary difference between Gateron and Cherry switches is, the Gateron switches are much smoother, and bumps are more tactile. It brings a whole new typing and gaming experience, and is growing quickly in popularity within the Mechanical Keyboard scene.

The smoothness of each Gateron switch stroke can be best described as: sliding a hot knife through butter.

These Gateron switches are fully SMD-LED compatible, (+) stem, and have a rated lifetime of 50 million cycles. The switches were designed to be used with our Glorious Modular Mechanical keyboard, but can be used with other keyboards and DIY projects just fine.

Technical details
  • Product type : Keyboard switches
  • Device type : Keyboard
  • Quantity per pack : 120 pc(s)
  • Product colour : Red
Packaging data
  • Package type : Box
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