Portable Laptop stand Nox Hummer AXYS
Hummer AXYS 14,90€
Notebook accessories - base  17.3" - Nox - Hummer AXYS

Nox Hummer AXYS

The Nox Hummer AXYS is an ultra-slim, foldable lifting stand for laptops up to 17”. With a minimalist aluminum design this stand prevents your laptop from overheating, and its different adjustable positions help you adopt a good posture.

Notebook accessories - base  17.3" - Nox - Hummer AXYS

Minimalist design

The Nox Hummer AXYS Stand is a laptop stand built with premium materials. Within a minimalist design is an aluminum alloy base, which helps absorb and dissipate heat. Its meticulous design guarantees the ideal ventilation of your laptop at all times, as the surface of the computer is no longer in contact with the desk, which improves airflow circulation and maximises cooling.

This sturdy universal stand for laptops up to 17" features a covering of anti-slip rubber grips to avoid slipping, ensuring maximum stability for your computer while providing the security needed for writing and reading.

Notebook accessories - base  17.3" - Nox - Hummer AXYS

Different positions

With an elegant appearance, this folding laptop stand has an ergonomic design that allows it to adapt to a total of 7 different positions, meaning you can position the computer with the screen at eye level, helping to avoid neck problems.

The Nox Hummer AXYS Stand is the perfect accessory. Designed to position your computer, this stand can also be used for other devices too, such as tablets. Its versatility also allows it to be used as a practical lectern for studying or reading. This lifting stand from Nox will give you a firm base that you can use to perform different tasks as comfortably as possible.

Notebook accessories - base  17.3" - Nox - Hummer AXYS

Easy to transport

The Nox Hummer AXYS Stand is a robust but compact stand which folds quickly and simply, and can be comfortably carried from one place to another in the transport bag included while adapting to your needs.

  • For laptops from 17.”
  • Powerful 170 mm fan
  • 7 different height adjustment
  • Fan speed controller
  • 17”
  • Weight : 249 g
  • USB
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