MAG A550BN 550W

80 Plus Bronze

Power supplies MSI

REF. 306-7ZP2A11-CE0
MSI MAG A550BN 550W 80 Plus Bronze power supply
MAG A550BN 550W 71,92€

MAG A550BN 550W

MAG A550BN provides gamers with a safe, reliable and efficient entry-level power supply option. Its main features include 80 PLUS Bronze certification, DC to DC circuit design, 12V single rail, active PFC, and quiet fan.

The MAG A550BN power supply will be one of the best options for gamers who are beginning to look for components to build their own computer. After installation, gamers can immediately enjoy a reliable performance experience without additional settings.

80 Plus Bronze. The efficiency of your power supply directly influences the performance of your system and its power consumption. 80 PLUS BRONZE certification promises lower power consumption and higher efficiency.

Silent 120mm fan. The fan bearing reduces noise generated while maintaining excellent heat dissipation.

Comprehensive circuit protection. Supports OCP, OVP, SCP, OPP, OTP protection mechanisms and provides comprehensive security.

  • Product Name : MAG A550BN
  • PSU form factor : ATX
  • Watt Power : 550W
  • Input voltage : 100-240Vac
  • Input current : 115Vac / 8.0A max. 230Vac / 4.0A max
  • Input frequency : 50Hz ~ 60Hz
  • Efficiency : Up to 85% (80 Plus Bronze )
  • Fan size : 120mm
  • Dimension : 150mm x140mm x86mm
  • Pfc type : Active PFC
  • Protection : OCP / OVP / OPP / OTP / SCP
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