Racing Wheels Trustmaster TM Open Wheel Add-on

PC / Xbox One™ / PlayStation®4

Racing wheel Thrustmaster

REF. 4060114
Racing Wheels Trustmaster TM Open Wheel Add-on
Racing Wheels Trustmaster TM Open Wheel Add-on 128,90€

TM Open Wheel Add-On

The TM Open Wheel Add-On is the detachable wheel rim derived from the renowned TS-PC Racer racing wheel.

Lifelike performance and sensations

  • Careful selection of materials and components. 
  • Wheel optimized for enhanced feel of Force Feedback, thanks to its lightweight design (less than 2 lb/900 g).
  • Grips optimized for long gaming sessions.
  • Sturdy faceplate crafted of black brushed aluminum.

A versatile detachable wheel.

  • 2 responsive sequential paddle shifters, mounted on the wheel (100% metal, 3 inches/7.5 cm tall).
  • 6 action buttons + 1 D-pad + 1 rotary selector switch (3 positions with push button).
  • Plug and play for attaching the BT LED DISPLAY*.
Racing wheels - PC / Xbox One™ / PlayStation®4 - Thrustmaster - Racing Wheels Trustmaster TM Open Wheel Add-on


Designed for competition

  • Compact size (11 inches/28 cm in diameter). 
  • Shape and hand positioning perfectly adapted for car racing competitions.
  • Suede wheel grips.
  • Optimized for car racing competitions: F1, GT3, GT4, LMP1 and 2, prototypes, kart racing and single-seater.

Compatible with the Thrustmaster ecosystem*

T500 RS, T300 RS Servo Base, T300 RS, T300 GT Edition, T300 Ferrari GTE, T300 Ferrari Integral Racing Wheel Alcantara Edition, TX Racing Wheel Servo Base, TX Racing Wheel, TX Racing Wheel Leather Edition, TS-XW RACER, TS-PC RACER, T-GT (*sold separately).

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