Refrigeration Versus PC

RAM Heatsink Versus PC VSRAMCooler3 RGB
VSRAMCooler3 RGB 5,45€

Versus PC VSRAMCooler3 RGB

Designed in aluminum, to ensure maximum heat dissipation, Versus PC VSRAMCooler3 is compatible with Value Series memories and is especially recommended for single-sided and double-sided memories.

This RAM cooler that integrates RG lighting has dimensions of 14 cm x 4.3 cm x 0.9 cm and weighs only 60 grams. The RGB lights area is made of methacrylate. In order to enjoy its fantastic lighting you need a 3-pin motherboard connector. Using the board's software, you can customize the colors of this module on your computer, showing off a spectacular configuration. 

Perfect for high-speed modules, this practical heatsink, in addition to protecting the RAM, includes two Thermopads, which avoid direct contact with the metal area of ​​the heatsink, as well as a protective rubber for one-sided memories, keeping the memory at temperature adequate and prevents us from touching the components when handling the different modules of our equipment. 

Versus PC VSRAMCooler3 is performance and style. Easy to install, it includes an Allen key, it is compatible with the main modules, DDR3 and DDR4, from most manufacturers.

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