Ring of Light with 25 cm diameter tripod

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Krom KIGHT LED Ring Light with Tripod
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Krom, ¡alfombrilla de regalo!
Krom, ¡alfombrilla de regalo!
Streaming - Ring of Light with 25 cm diameter tripod - Krom - KIGHT


With a good quality of lighting, thanks to premium manufacturing materials, its small size and design make it a very versatile ring of light perfect to improve the quality of your content.

Record videos and take selfie photos in a professional way Krom Kight, a complete LED light ring that has three tones and ten brightness modes

Streaming - Ring of Light with 25 cm diameter tripod - Krom - KIGHT

Uniform illumination

The 25 cm diameter LED ring offers quality, natural lighting, ideal for generating all kinds of content, such as streaming, recording makeup videos or video conferences.

The ring light is composed of 120 LED bulbs, distributed along the entire circumference, which allows to provide a homogeneous light. In addition, by means of the ball joint, you will be able to enjoy a 360º rotation angle.

Recording content for social networks such as YouTube, Tik Tok or Instagram, as well as making video calls or streaming has never been so easy.

Streaming - Ring of Light with 25 cm diameter tripod - Krom - KIGHT

Multiple shades and glow modes

You can choose between three powerful light modes. Cool white, warm white or warm yellow, being a perfect ring of light for indoors or outdoors. In addition, it has ten adjustable brightness modes at the touch of a button.

This ring of light has a color temperature with a range of 2200K - 5500K, being able to illuminate a dark environment easily, just by regulating the intensity through the lighting control integrated in the cable.

Streaming - Ring of Light with 25 cm diameter tripod - Krom - KIGHT

Table tripod

With a small size, Krom Kight includes a perfect table tripod that allows it to be conveniently placed and also used as a lamp, as a mobile stand on the desk or as an ambient light. The tripod legs have non-slip rubbers to ensure stability.

With a robust frame made of high-quality ABS, this ring can also be used without the tripod or without the frame of the mobile, which facilitates other uses.

Streaming - Ring of Light with 25 cm diameter tripod - Krom - KIGHT

High compatibility

Very easy to assemble, Krom Kight is compatible with smartphones, webcam and camcorder and connects to any device via USB, including the connector cable.

Flexible smartphone holder. Thanks to a universal clamp, you can place the mobile in the center of the circular beam. In addition, you can put the smartphone vertically or horizontally as you need.

  • External diameter) : 25 cm
  • Inside diameter) : 20 cm
  • Brightness : 2400-3000 lm
  • Color range : 2200 - 5500 K
  • LEDs quantity : 120 pcs
  • Color index : RA> 90
  • Clamp dimension : 80mm (max.)
  • Screw threads : 1/4 thread
  • Material : ABS / PP / Aluminum
  • Weight : 0.38 kg
  • USB : Power supply: 5 VDC
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