Set of shelves for gaming Drift Shelvy

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Set of shelves for gaming Drift Shelvy
Set of shelves for gaming Drift Shelvy 99,90€
Gaming Desks - Drift - Set of shelves for gaming Drift Shelvy

Drift Shelvy

The Drift Shelvy joins the Drift range with the aim of bringing space back to your setup. With this set of shelves for gaming tables you’ll be able to reorganize your desk, making space for what really matters.

Compatible with tables up to 1m wide, so you can gain that extra space you need for your gaming table. The Shelvy features 2 shelves: an upper one, and a lower one whose height is adjustable.

Gain extra space

With the Drift Shelvy you can gain extra space for your setup and organize all your peripherals efficiently. If you’ve run out of space on your gaming table, these shelves will help you find a place for everything. You’ll be able to keep your favourite games within easy reach too.

Organize your space in the way that best suits you – you’ll be able to store all the accessories you aren’t using, keep that controller your gaming buddy uses nearby, and find a place for your console on one of the shelves.

Organize everything your way

With the two shelves included you’ll be able to organize everything you keep on your gaming table and find the right place for everything. We know you can find your way around your mess, but wouldn’t it look good if everything was tidy and close to hand? That’s where Shelvy comes in. You can adjust the lower shelf to the height that best suits your space, by using it as a monitor stand, for example.

Made with premium materials, its upper shelf can hold up to 15 kg in weight, and its lower shelf up to 30 kg. Choose how your setup is arranged and nothing will distract you from what’s really important: victory.

Simple and easy to install

The Shelvy features a simple mounting system which makes installation quick and uncomplicated. It also includes all the organizers and accessories you need to put together these shelves in your own personal style. Create the perfect gaming space with the Drift Shelvy organizing shelves for gaming tables.

  • 103 x 30 x 86.5 cm
  • 16.7 Kg
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