Spectre Pro All White 140mm

140 x 140 mm

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BitFenix Spectre Pro All White 140mm Computer case Fan
Spectre Pro All White 140mm 12,90€

Spectre Pro All White 140mm

Following the success of our Spectre™ Fan Series, Spectre Pro ups the ante with an all-new design and enhanced performance. The high pressure and CFM design produces wicked cooling and is also perfect for watercooling setups. Its dual frame construction not only looks great, but also helps to dampen vibrations that cause unnecessary noise. Reinforced fan blades prevent warping at high RPM levels, while focused airflow ensures cool air can reach all of your installed components. With FDB technology for low noise and long life, and availability in both LED and non-LED varieties, Spectre Pro is the new gold standard in performance case fans.

High Pressure/CFM Design
Engineered for maximum pressure and airflow, Spectre Pro delivers a torrent of air that will keep your system cool even when the action heats up. Performance freaks and water cooling enthusiasts are going to love Spectre Pro.

Dual Frame Construction
Using a dual frame construction, Spectre Pro fans not only offer aggressive looks, but also vibration dampening properties, helping to keep noise levels in check. In short, our Spectre Pro Fan Series looks different because it is.

Reinforced Fan Blades
High rotation speeds can actually warp fan blades while in motion, resulting in more turbulence and noise. Spectre Pro features reinforced fan blades that resist warping even when spinning at high speeds for maximum cooling performance.

Focused Airflow
All the airflow in the world won't do you any good if it can't reach your system's hotspots. The special curved design of Spectre Pro fan blades and cage directs airflow in a focused column, minimizing diffusion and allowing cool air to reach your components.

Silent Operation and Long Life
Like our Spectre™ Silent Fan Series, our Spectre Pro features the very same fluid dynamic bearing technology for minimum noise and maximum operating life.

Excellent Extras
Included with each Spectre Pro fan are some thoughtful extras that help you keep noise levels as low as possible. Four Anti-Vibration Rivets help further deaden noise-making vibrations, and for even more noise control, install the included Low-Noise 7V Adapter. Get more with Spectre Pro.
  • Suitable for : Computer case
  • Fan diameter : 14 cm
  • Number of speeds : 1
  • Rotational speed (max) : 1200 RPM
  • Noise level (high speed) : 22.8 dB
  • Maximum airflow : 86.73 cfm
  • Maximum air pressure : 1.38 mmH2O
  • Number of fans : 1 fan(s)
  • Voltage : 12 V
  • Rated current : 0.18 A
Weight & dimensions
  • Width : 140 mm
  • Depth : 140 mm
  • Height : 25 mm
Technical details
  • Bearing technology : FDB
Other features
  • Compatible chipsets : Not supported
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