Disco Duro interno Gigabyte SSD 1TB


SSD Gigabyte

External SSD  Gigabyte SSD 1TB
Disco Duro interno Gigabyte SSD 1TB 112,90€
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SSD 1TB 2.5"

Performance . Stability GIGABYTE Solid State Drive Solid State Drive VS. Traditional Hard Drive SSD 2.5" Shock resistant up to 1500g/0.5ms Controller NAND Flash Memory HDD 3.5" Shock resistant up to 350g/2ms

SSD Tool Box The newly updated SSD Tool Box is an application that helps users monitor SSD Status, provides general information such as model name, FW version, health condition, drive optimization and also detects sensor temperature. Moreover, users can clear all the data with the Secure Erase function. You can download the SSD Tool Box from the Support.

  • SSD form factor : 2.5"
  • SSD capacity : 1000 GB
  • Interface : Serial ATA
  • Read speed : 550 MB/s
  • Write speed : 500 MB/s
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