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Thermal T1 thermal gel NOX Hummer CPU 4g
Thermal T1 7,90€
Refrigeration - 4g - Nox - Thermal T1

Hummer Thermal T1

The Hummer Thermal T1 thermal paste is composed of carbon microparticles that guarantee high conductivity and low thermal impedance for those machines that demand high performance for hours.

Thanks to its precision applicator and spatula you can extend or remove the paste in a simple and precise way to ensure that the heat generated by the CPU or GPU dissipates quickly and efficiently. 

In addition, the Hummer T1 stands up to a wide temperature range (-50~280ºC), and is dielectric, which avoids possible short circuits caused by an undue electrical conductivity, making it the perfect ally for overclockers.

  • No electrical conductivity
  • High thermal conductivity
  • Includes precision applicator and spatula
  • Conductivity values of ≥ 8.3 W/m *K
  • Thermal resistance: <0.0014 C-in/W / Temperature range: -50~280ºC
  • Application : CPU, GPU...
  • Peso : Net ; 4g
  • Density : 3.7 g/cm3
  • Viscosity : 10000 CPS
  • Operating temperature : -30 ~ 240ºC
  • Thermal impedance : ≤ 0.0014 (ºC*in2)/W
  • Thermal conductivity : ≥ 8.3 W/m*K
  • Color : Grayish yellow
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