TM Racing Clamp

Fixation System

Racing wheel Thrustmaster

REF. 4060094
TM Racing Clamp Rock-solid table clamp Thrustmaster
TM Racing Clamp 114,45€
Racing wheels - Fixation System - Thrustmaster - TM Racing Clamp

TM Racing Clamp anchorage is a robust and practical solution that allows an optimum installation and simple use of TSS Handbrake Sparco Mod and TH8A, even without a cabin!

Designed for desks or tables from 15 mm up to 50 mm thick, you can adjust your computer according to your driving style to improve the experience of total immersion while driving.

TM Racing Clamp anchor works equally well for configurations of driving left-handed or right-handed depending on the position of the TH8A and the Sparco Handbrake TSS: changes the height, depth, or inclination to achieve a greater comfort of play and thus maximize your performance.

This 100% metal accessory is easy to install (rapid fastening with two screws) and optimize your gaming experience while guaranteeing security and stability. 

  • Rock-solid table clamp
  • Robust, secure and firm attachment system
  • Adjustable for many different setups. Add-ons and the clamp are adjustable in height, incline, position and depth.
  • Designed for desks/tables from 0.6” to 2” (15 to 50mm) thick
  • Compatible on both left and right sides
  • PC / Playstation® 3 / Xbox One™ / PlayStation®4
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