VSPC HOLDER tower support
HOLDER 4,68€
Cases - Versus PC - HOLDER


Protect the chassis of your PC with the perfect support for your computer:

  • Elegant and durable design. The Versus PC computer stand features a sleek, minimalist design that fits into any setup. In addition, it has been manufactured in good quality materials, which guarantees stability.
  • Facilitates mobility. With the Versus PC support, the computer does not rest on the floor, preventing it from deteriorating due to humidity, dust or possible scratches. Thanks to its comfortable wheels, you can move it around the room and place it where it is most comfortable at all times without the need for any effort, thus facilitating cleaning.

  • Adjust it as you like. This pc holder is adjustable to different sizes, so that your computer will be perfectly attached, being able to support up to 12 kilos of weight. With an excellent value for money, this CPU holder is robust, safe and practical, as well as offering good aesthetics.
  • Integrated locking system. It has 4 rotating wheels that integrate a locking system, to prevent it from moving, guaranteeing safety: it will only move when you want.
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