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Waistbag  Ozone
Waistbag 14,90€
Others - Ozone - Waistbag

Insepareble accomplice

Protect your essentials and take them everywhere with the Ozone WaistBag, the ideal complement to transport them to every tournament or competition

Others - Ozone - Waistbag

Confortable and practical

A minimalist and casual design meant to allow (in the most comfortable way) everything you need for a Lan party, without occupying your hands or causing the typical discomfort of backpacks or bags that unload the weight on your back and shoulders.

Ozone WaistBag attaches to your waist offering the best comfort thanks to its padded inner and adjustable belt. 

Details such as the laces on the zippers will allow you to open and close them without losing sight of the screen, as they will allow you to easily identify them only by touch.

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